Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using 36 Wedding Sparklers

Using 36 wedding sparklers can add a true sparkle to your special day. Not only do they have the potential to leave guests gasping in impressed awe, but they are also able to help you create some epic shots of your big day. Indeed, when you are marrying the love of your life, the day should be all about sparkle!

That being said, if they are not used the right way, 36 wedding sparklers can have hardly any positive effect on your wedding day, or worse still, they can be remembered for all the wrong reasons! To help you avoid such a waste of something that can be truly special, we have created a quick guide to the common mistakes when using 36 wedding sparklers and how you can cleverly avoid them.


Your Venue Doesn’t Allow Them and You Didn’t Know!

So, you are excited about the 36 wedding sparklers you have planned for your big day. You may even have told your guests that there is a fun surprise in store for everyone. Then the nightmare unfolds right before your eyes! On the day itself, when all of your dear guests are surrounding you and the excitement is just about to kick off, the venue steps in and tells you that the use of 36 wedding sparklers is not allowed!

Wouldn’t it be awful if that happened on your big day? We know it would! So, before making this wedding sparkler mistake you order the sparklers or inform guests about the fun addition, make sure that your venue will not have a problem with them. If the venue states that they are not allowed, don’t presume that they will make a special allowance for you. Often it is because of safety or insurance requirements which the venue holds, and there isn’t any room for flexibility. Either accept that you will have to have a wedding without the excitement of sparklers, or move your celebrations to another venue.

Most of Your Guests Miss the Excitement!

Wedding sparklers are great, but your guests need to know they are happening to enjoy them! That is why you should have arrangements in place for there to be an announcement. Your guests need to know well in advance so that they can all be present for the celebratory sparkles.

You Miss The ‘Sparkle Sensation’ Because Your Timing Was Out!

Sparklers should make a big impression. Unfortunately, if your timing is out they aren’t going to capture their true potential. Think about the time of year you are holding your wedding at and find out when the sun will be making its descent. Make your timing just right so that those long 36-inch wedding sparklers can dazzle your guests.

There’s No Room to Make An Impression!

Ensure there is enough outdoor space for your guests to form two lines for you and your newly-wed to walk down the center. The spacing between your guests has the potential to make, not only a truly memorable and a special moment, but also an incredible photo to show the grandkids. However, to get it right, you must allow for plenty of space between your guests within the outdoor space. Otherwise, your guests are all going to be on top of each other with something that is potentially hazardous – not the way you want your wedding day to be remembered!

Guests Are Left Holding the Sparklers!

Up until this point, you’ve now got the whole wedding sparklers thing nailed, but you’re not finished just yet!. You don’t want to leave your poor guests holding the sparklers without knowing where to dispose of them. Organize for something like a galvanized steel pail with sand to be right in the area of the sparkler event. Ensure that it is well marked and have an announcement made so that guests know what to do.

Indeed, 36-inch wedding sparklers can make your special day that little bit more magical. After all, don’t we all deserve to be a prince and princess for at least one day of our lives? Make sure that you, not only choose to have wedding sparklers for your special day, but also avoid the common mistakes outlined above. After that, all that is left to be done is have a fun, magical and memorable day!

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