Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using 36 Wedding Sparklers

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Using 36 wedding sparklers can add a true sparkle to your special day. Not only do they have the potential to leave guests gasping in impressed awe, but they are also able to help you create some epic shots of your big day. Indeed, when you are marrying the love of your life, the day should be all about sparkle! That being said, if they are not used the right way, 36 wedding sparklers can have hardly any positive effect on your wedding day, or worse still, they can be remembered for all the wrong reasons! To help you avoid..

What Are Memorial Sky Lanterns?

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The sky lantern is a mini hot air balloon that has a long history to it. It was first used by the Chinese and was said to have invented by Zhuge Liang (181-234 AD), a military man who used it to summon help during battle. Fast forward to over 2,000 years and the sky lantern is being used to mark different occasions. While there are some who use it to mark celebrations like weddings, there are those who use memorial sky lanterns to let go of deceased loved ones, allowing them to move on to the afterlife. While the act..

Why Cake Sparklers Make Any Occasion and How To Choose The Best Ones For Yours!

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Having a cause to celebrate is a wonderful thing in life! Whether it is a family occasion, a get together with friends, or even your upcoming wedding day, one thing is for sure; you want your celebrations to be as special and magical as the occasion itself it. What can help you to create an extra special vibe? Of course, many elements contribute to an having a memorable day. From the people, you invite to the catering you decide on, and from the entertainment, you choose to the theme you set; everything has a role to play. However, in all..

Five Sparkler Safety Tips Wedding Special Event

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Five Sparkler Safety Tips for Your Wedding or Special Event Sparklers are great for weddings, all kinds of celebrations and special events. If you have chosen to include sparklers, the goal is to see the event go off without any problems. When sparklers are used correctly, your guests can have plenty of safe fun. While sparklers are much safer than other fireworks, we still recommend proper handling for safety reasons. Here are five recommendations regarding sparkler safety to help make your event safe. Using Sparklers Safely We recommend that only adults light the sparklers. It is recommended that sparklers only..

How to Buy the Right Sparkler For Wedding

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How to Choose the Right Sparklers for Your Wedding Your wedding day – the most important day of your life. You want everything to be perfect, including your exit. The goal is to create a memorable moment that provides opportunities for beautiful photos. Sparklers are perfect for a grand exit. Not all sparklers are the same, so there are several things to consider during the wedding sparkler selection process. Before proceeding with a sparkler exit, you should consult with the venue to see if they do permit them. You should also talk with your photographer as there are some who..

Sparkler Exit Ideas for Your Wedding

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Your big day is fast approaching, so you want to make sure you have everything you need to make your day stand out. One way this can be done, plus provide the setting for some fantastic photos, is to plan a grand wedding exit that includes sparklers. Sparkler exits aren’t too challenging to plan, but they do require some organization for safety reasons and effectiveness. Weddings always include a grand entrance, so plan a grand exit as well. Make a great last impression by doing it in style, with a magnificent sparkler send-off. Check with the Venue and the Photographers..